Tips to make your website more profitable

Your website is up and running, but somehow the design seems to be falling short in producing concrete leads and closed sales. What gives?

Try one of these tips to see if it makes the difference:

1. Is your website responsive and mobile ready?

If your website is not already mobile ready and responsive, then you’ve been living in the dark ages. 50% of people admit that even if they like a business, they will use them less often if they’re website is not mobile responsive.  On the positive side, 70% of people will buy from a website that is mobile responsive

2. Have email opt-ins in at least 3 places on your website

You want your visitors to take action and become a part of your email database list, so they in turn, can become concrete leads and ultimately turn into valued clients. Ideal positioning of these buttons should be at the top of the page, at the bottom of each post and in the footer.

3. Add that element of “trust”

Your clients need to know that they can trust you and this can be easily achieved by promoting testimonials that people have made about your services, listing business cases where your offerings where used to create a successful result for your clients or showing off completed items that you and your team have worked on with your clients.  The more that visitors can trust you, the more they will be willing to buy from you.

4. Decrease the number of options to buy 

This may sometimes be counter-intuitive, as your immediate gut feeling is to offer clients as many options that they can have, so that they feel you are meeting their needs.  BUT this can lead to “choice overload”, where a visitor is so over-whelmed with choices that they actually land up buying nothing.   Keep your offerings simple.

5. Make pricing available

Everyone is concerned about the “bottom-dollar” and the no.1 thing that your visitor will first look for, is if they can afford you.  So be open with your pricing. If your products are customised for each client, then give them a ball-park figure, so that they can see if their budget fits at all.