Digital media

Some examples of previous work:
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Econorisk website redesign – WordPress
This client was looking for a company brochure website with a good quality look and feel to match their current target market.

CIB website redesign – WordPress
Client needed a platform where they could gain broker buy-in and distribute content easily. This website (along with other marketing items) were designed to fulfill this need and also aided in their marketing campaigns.

Julie Shill website design – WordPress
Julie Shill is a clinical psychologist who needed to find an alternative means to access clients during COVID. The website filled this gap and allowed her to interact with her clients through this portal.

Relationship Indaba website – WordPress
This client functions in the personal training and coaching of individuals, through different phases of life. They needed a website that encompassed all their programs and also attracted new clients. This website along with a social media strategy (which we also designed for them) was created for them.

Deliberate Learning website – WordPress
These 2 ladies developed sales training material for the Pharmaceutical industry and successfully launched their business to multiple companies. We were proud to help them develop this start up and run the successful road with them.

Guardforce website – WordPress
This client is based at the Johannesburg International airport and handles high valuable and vulnerable cargo, whilst on the ground. They needed a sophisticated online company brochure that matched their target audience.

Print media

Some examples of previous work:
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CIB brochure redesigns – Adobe Indesign/Photoshop/Illustrator
Our client in the insurance market, required a redesign of all their product service brochures, as well as an overhaul of their branding. This rebranding made them more visually appealing and allowed their brokers to understand their products better.

Malmark company brochure – Adobe Indesign/Photoshop/Illustrator
This client required a redesign of their company’s brochure to bring it in-line with their new marketing campaign.

PAYM8 Company brochure – Adobe Indesign/Photoshop/Illustrator
PAYM8 (an online payment gateway business) required a revamp of all their product brochures, as well as their company brochure and website.

Tectonic Shift infographics – Adobe Indesign/Photoshop/Illustrator
This client required a set of infographics designed for their business model.

Logo design – Adobe Illustrator
Various logo designs created for businesses.

Promotional items
A range of promotional items created for various businesses and platforms

Content Creation

Some examples of previous work:
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Deliberate Learning – Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)
Helped to establish, develop and run this start up company’s social media campaigns. Creating stories and posts alongside their business endeavours.

Your life through food РArticle written for Blog 
We created content for a blog that focused on Food and the different aspects that are tied to a life around food. 

Guardforce – Website content creation and design
This client required a redesign of their website, as well as a re-write as to how their content attracted their target audience. We assisted with both.