Build a Great Personal Brand

Some tips on how to build a great personal brand:

1. Make sure you know why you do, what you do

People respond to passion. If they know that you are passionate about helping them achieve a certain goal, they will respond accordingly.  This passion should be evident in every aspect of your branding.

2. Know what you stand for

Once you’ve established your passion for what you do, ensure that your core values and mission are aligned.  They should permeate through your branding and create a sense of trust in who you are and the service you provide.

3. Have your own unique style

With so many people in your field, developing your own unique style will set you above the rest, very quickly.  You can be quirky, sentimental or serious.  But own it and stick with it, so people recognize you.  Hire the skills of graphic designers to help (we’d love to help 🙂).

4. Try not to make everyone happy

The saying goes that if you try to make everyone happy, you most likely will make no one happy.  So we suggest imagining that you are talking to one person only. How would you target your message if you were talking one-on-one to a potential client?  Let that be the way you carry your message over in all your branding.

5. Get out there

Now that you know where you are going, you have the passion and know how to target your message – get going! Build your website, activate your social media, send out emails to all your friends. Start building the excitement about YOU and let everyone know what your offering.

Best of luck and let us know if we can be of any help!