25 things to do when business slows down

Has business slowed down a bit?
Here are a few ideas to get going again:

  1. Do something new
  2. Create a popcorn product
  3. Rebrand
  4. Write a business plan
  5. Send a thank you not to clients
  6. Cold pitch
  7. Read a book
  8. Update old posts
  9. Audit your business
  10. Attend an event
  11. Do pro bono work
  12. Try different post types
  13. Host a virtual summit
  14. Create a lead magnet
  15. Host a giveaway
  16. Host a workshop
  17. Host a webinar
  18. Run a challenge
  19. Grow your Pinterest boards
  20. Visit a past client
  21. Form a new habit
  22. Add new payment options
  23. Interview an influencer
  24. Publish a kindle book
  25. Take a free course