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Write a cracking About Us page

Your website should have some sort of “About Us” page that allows your visitors to get to know you and your business more.  But where do you start and how do you write one that stands out from the word go… Here are a few tips we would suggest: Use…

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Trending in 2017: Authenticity (WHAT)

A brand has authenticity when it is able to make a sincere connection with its customers. When it makes an effort to truly understand their needs and create offerings that cater to fit those needs. It is human and makes a connection. It is when the brand prioritises their customers…

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Website tips, to make your website even more profitable

So your website is up and running, but somehow the design seems to be falling short in producing concrete leads and closed sales. What gives? We provide you with 5 tips to get your website even more profitable:   1. Your website needs to be responsive and mobile ready If your…

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